"Superb new instrumental quintet … visceral live performances … beautiful laments that should keep them off the extinction list … cinematically effective - you can all but see in your mind's eye an unrolling scroll of epic imagery … Grainger's accordion with Summerhayes's fiddle are especially beautiful" Songlines

"Jaw dropping instrumental skills … unsurpassed individual virtuosity … the musical precision and discipline are breathtaking … note short of phenomenal … hats off to the Dodo's collective genius." The Morning Star

"Gloriously skilled, inventive and fun … a stunning sound … sheer energy … tightness at a million miles an hour" folding.com

A trailblazing, joyously wild musical odyssey, encompassing melodies from the shores of the Hebrides to the mountains of Eastern-Europe.

You will never hear faster playing, of such inhuman precision, than Adam Summerhayes (‘’astonishing, all-out virtuosity” New York Times) and Piers Adams (“superhuman” Washington Post) - and the rest of the band is equally virtuosic. Master accordionist Murray Grainger and one of Europe’s most renowned bass players Malcolm Creese can easily dominate centre stage, whilst the live-wire antics of Cormac Byrne, the BBC Folk Award winning bodhran player and king of Irish percussion can easily steal the show.

But it is the music that is really remarkable. There is nothing predictable about their tunes - a famous Irish melody takes a wild klezmer twist, an ancient Scottish wedding song is recast in a mesmeric soundscape that evokes the lonely island from which it came, gypsy tunes and eastern-european rhythms spiral faster and faster, impossible not to dance to until the moment when only the fastest feet could keep up. Instrumental limits are pushed to the extreme, but the band never lose control or tightness and the music is, above all. driven by potent melodies, whether a couple of centuries old or newly penned.


"Five musical geniuses" Folking.com
"An amazing band" fRoots